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The luxe district




The Luxe District

Welcome to The Luxe District – the ultimate fusion of workspace and leisure venue for the dynamic and creative minds of the modern world.

Situated at the heart of the city, The Luxe District was conceptualized and brought to life with a single mission - to break the mold of traditional workspaces and inspire innovation, creativity, and connection among the professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators who walk through our doors.

Our carefully designed environment seamlessly integrates focused work areas with vibrant social spaces, providing a unique co-working experience that caters to the ebb and flow of professional and creative pursuits. Our workspaces are built for comfort and productivity, equipped with the latest technology, and adaptable to the varied needs of our members.

But The Luxe District is more than just a workspace. When the sun sets and the laptops close, our venue transforms. The buzz of productivity gives way to the hum of conversation and laughter as our event space springs to life. From networking events to workshops, panel discussions to social mixers, our diverse range of after-hours options are designed to inspire, entertain, and foster the connections that drive professional and personal growth.

At The Luxe District, we believe in working hard and playing hard. We understand that innovation thrives where minds are free to explore, create, and collaborate. So, whether you're an entrepreneur looking for a launchpad, a freelancer in need of a productive hub, or a professional seeking meaningful connections, The Luxe District offers the community, resources, and atmosphere you need to succeed.

Join us and discover a new dimension to your work-life balance, in a district where creativity, community, and commerce come together in harmony. Welcome to The Luxe District, where work meets play.


4829 Brookshire Blvd

Charlotte, NC 




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Get to Know Us

The Luxe District was born from the visionary spirit of a young entrepreneur passionate about creating a unique space that seamlessly blends work and play. He recognized the challenge faced by many: finding the elusive balance between professional ambition and personal enjoyment. Driven by this challenge, he set out to provide a solution redefining the work-life dynamic.

The vision was simple yet profound – to design a space where people could come to concentrate, collaborate and innovate while also having the option to unwind and socialize when the workday ended. His ambition was to craft an environment that served as an office and a hub of creativity, camaraderie, and enjoyment. At this destination, work-life balance wasn't just an abstract concept but a tangible reality.

The result is The Luxe District – a state-of-the-art, co-working haven by day, transforming into a vibrant social hub come evening. The daytime offers a dynamic space with everything you need to work efficiently and comfortably. When the day's work is done, the space evolves, hosting various engaging events from networking mixers to creative workshops.

At The Luxe District, we believe that productivity shouldn't come at the expense of enjoyment. We've created a space where you can pursue your professional goals and still have time and opportunities to enjoy life's lighter, more playful side. We invite you to experience this unique blend of work and play and, in doing so, discover a work-life equilibrium that truly works for you.

Don't just take our word for it; come and experience The Luxe District for yourself.

Book Now and find your perfect balance in a district where creativity, community, and commerce come together in harmony. Welcome to The Luxe District, the ultimate destination for work and play.

Dress Code

No strict dress code but please,

no shorts or sunglasses.


We offer day passes and a monthly membership to access our co-working / entertainment fusion spaces.


Free parking is available on site

however space is limited.

Coat Check

Check your jacket, purse,

or merchandise for free.



4829 Brookshire Blvd

Charlotte, NC




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